“The integration of psychotherapy and spirituality is a relatively new passion for me. As a therapist that counsels many Christians, I have learned to see the rich value that faith adds to therapeutic work. However, prior to meeting Gwen White in my doctoral program I did not see how this was possible. How does one use sound clinical skills and make room for rich dialogue about a client’s spirituality? As a professor, Gwen possesses the rare ability to make complex psychological ideas understandable. She listens well and, while using an applicable case study or real world analogy, delivers compelling clinical insight. While Gwen stays close to sound clinical science, she excels in communicating the client’s inner experience using the language of faith. I appreciated moments when she welcomed her students to become curious about the intersectionality of spirituality in a client’s development and maladaptive patterns. She freely shares this rare skill with her students and colleagues. I believe, she is truly a thought leader of our time, whom embodies the compassion, empathy and curiosity only found in great psychologists. Dr. White adds to the great tradition of high minds seeking to bolster the integration of faith and practice.”


“Sitting under the teaching of Dr. Gwen White has been a transformative experience for me. She is a woman of deep faith who possesses a wealth of knowledge about the application of psychological principles to clinical practice. She promotes a well-balanced approach to practice, skillfully blending a Christian understanding of persons with the discipline of psychology. Her insights have helped to broaden my understanding of what it means to incorporate my Christian faith with practice, and I feel well-equipped to help a wide range of clients, from non-Christians to people who desire a specifically faith-based approach to therapy. Under Dr. White’s teaching, my own faith has deepened and my clinical skill has increased exponentially.”

— Dr. Rochelle Grady

“Dr. Gwen White is the reason I became interested in the integration of Christian spirituality and Psychology. She convinced me that spirituality didn’t need to necessarily bow to psychology as if it were a higher discipline. Instead, the truth of Christian faith, theology and experience could be understood more deeply in many ways by including the psychological lens. As an African American pastor and clinician, I’ve learned to appreciate the synergy of theological and psychological streams and present them in ways that are salient for both clients and congregants. For those who value both disciplines, you will find Dr. White to be a humble student, a thorough scholar, a compassionate practitioner, and an enthusiastic proponent of integration.”

— Algernon Baker, PhD

“Proverbs 20:5 says “The purposes of a person’s heart are deep waters, but one who has understanding draws them out.” My experience of Dr. White as a professor and leader is to do just that – to draw them out and to instruct others to as well. Psychotherapy and Christian faith are inextricably linked in her approach to doing so. Faith is both the motivation and the basis of her instruction. It is not biblical counseling but rather a beautiful reflection of biblical principles that guides others to truly see, hear, acknowledge and love themselves, others and God through a process of transformation. Dr. White teaches counselors to see the individual and to hold up a mirror enabling clients to genuinely see themselves and how they relate to others and to God while leading them to healthful interdependence that meets the deepest desire…to know and be known, to love and be loved. Dr. White offers a road map for counselors as they facilitate clients in navigating their journey toward healing, wholeness and ultimately toward God.”

— Lori Lorraine, MA, LPC

“I am often in awe at Gwen’s [Dr. Whites’] deep understanding of psychology and spirituality. She has a way of breaking down and tying together both fields of study in ways that…just make sense. I don’t know another way to say it. As her student, my understanding of faith, grace, and human suffering changed in ways that now allow me to be more compassionate toward myself and my clients and hopeful for the healing and redemption that is available to us. It’s obvious that this work is one of her passions, and she devotes herself to it wholeheartedly. ”

— Dr. Roslyn Still

“Gwen White shaped me as a therapist. Her insight for how people work, how brokenness works, how life works...has given me insight in how to guide people to help them find the broken places within them that has kept them from growing into the beautiful people that they were created to be . Her compassion and lack of judgment for those who who are hutrting...the desire to see deeper into the pain instead of seeing deviance, promoted my desire to become a therapist. I am grateful for her teaching in how to help me care very deeply for the individual. In a world that seems not to listen very much and to care very little she is committed to listening deeply and to care so much. Her instruction as my professor seemed so pure and convicted and her teaching formed my understanding in how to lead others to healing. She was my instructor over 15 years ago and I still hear her words in my head when I am feeling stuck in helping a client to get “unstuck “. She is committed to her profession as a listener because she is committed to hope. Her influence in my life has taught me to be committed to hope as well. I am grateful. ”

— Angie Bachues, MA