The Birds Remind Me  —  Sunday, July 17, 2022                     

The world is so deeply troubling, help me suffer with You.
My unconscious impulse to ‘go it alone’ is bankrupt, but I still try to make withdrawals
Like a little child I return to a game I cannot win and insist on my own rules
The way out is always the way in.

Suffering with You is so obviously good
Yet I recoil into distractions, food, supplies, plans
Today I’d rather walk with You in silence and listen again
The way out is always the way in.

Your example is clear, repeated, a magnificent defeat as prelude
The only true hope is in accepting the darkness of loss
Waiting for the third day, trusting in the unseen, yet to be felt
The way out is always the way in.

The dilemma for me is how to choose my fights or no fights at all
When to resist, when to do nothing, when to wake up
For any of this to resolve, I must turn moment-to-moment to You
The way out is always the way in.

The sparrow finds a home with You
And You remind me to look to the birds.

So on this bright day with the ever-present song of the birds cheering me on
Help me suffer with You, remembering joy, trusting in the unseen
Hoping in the third day and resting in the limits of this moment
The way out is always the way in to You.

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